Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm alive!, Seriously this time, Thank God!

*Dusts off cobwebs*

Hello People,

I been a bad BAD girl, I haven't forgotten I have a blog, I just been so busy at work, I literally come home  just to sleep.

Our system at work crashed a couple of weeks ago so yours truly was sent to our Sussex branch to work. I've been driving for 4 hours a day for the past 2 working weeks. I only live 15 mins away on the bus from our head office so needless to say the HELLISH commute has been an eye opener.

I have so much to share with you lovely people.

 First things first, yours truly got into an accident. Thank God I didn't have to pay on my insurance excess but more importantly, thank God I didn't kill another man's child.

The steering wheel on my  beloved mini' 'Pepito' (yes I know I have too much time on my hands to name my car) failed. The steering wheel literally locked in the middle of a HUUUGGGEEE roundabout.

I saw my life flash before my eyes (to be entirely honest,  I saw my insurance excess fly before my eyes). I really thought this was the end of it all. I was millimetres away from hitting the car in front of me. Thank God I didn't.

GreenFlag came to take me and my car to the place I bought it from. The guy told me it would cost £2000 to fix because the 'power steering pump of mini's are different to others'. I looked at him up at down and then looked at Mr Lashes (who by the way was looking at me like 'na you wan buy mini, it no be my problem'). I told the man that I am broke an accountant and the £2000 would be better spent on another car.

 I started kicking up a fuss because he must have sold me the car in that condition. I mentioned 'Trading Standards' and 'Consumer Rights' (not that I have a clue what either of them mean) so he offered me another car as a part exchange.

The new mini is a newer and much nicer model but its gold. Yes Gold (well Champagne coloured). Lets just say I took it before he withdrew his offer without looking at the colour properly.  Every time I walk past it, I have to do a double take, Its sooooo bright. The only positive things about the colour are that :

  1. It would NEVER get stolen.
  2. I can't lose it in a parking lot.

So yeah, Pepito is no more. the new car is called Pepito 2

Hope you are all doing well.

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. Wow I'm glad nothing happened in the accident and you're safe so that's the most important thing. I actually like Pepito 2! The colour's unusual without being too gaudy.

  2. ewe ooo... Thank God for your life, you are living and well to tell the story. your new car color isn't bad actually.

  3. I am glad no one was hurt and you managed to sort out the car steez - welcome back!

    PS: they don't treat us accountants well jare! Me sef I vexed at work today

  4. thank God ohh....glad u and ur wallet got out unscathed

  5. Thank God for your safety

    LOL @....I saw my insurance excess fly before my eyes)' You be real Britico LOL

    @£2000....*hissss* 'Know your rights' is the beginning of wisdom when you live abroad.

    Re: the colour: I'm loving the gold colour. I'm sure when it's middle of winter, you'll appreciate the smile the colour will bring to your face.

  6. Popping my bottle of champagne for pepito 2. Welcome me dear to blogsville. It shal be well with you.
    I only have one thing to say to you - Your owner is a precious woman. Your top priority is to keep her from all accidents, wheel locks, scratches, sunshine, rain and hear me? okay.

  7. Thank you all for passing by.

    I'm warming to the colour verrryyyyy slowly and like NaijaMum said, It sure will wake me up in winter. :))

    AngelsBeauty, no mind them, they think we are only here for work *sisterhug*

    Ginger, tell Pepito2!!! =))


  8. I'm glad you are ok...i like pepito 2's color

  9. I'm glad you are ok...i like pepito 2's color

  10. LMAo..yes, u do have plenty time on ur hands, like some other people I know...My friend named her honda "mandy" or some like dat. ThaNK gOD U ARE SAFE N CRIMELESS..AND ME i LIKE D COLOR OF pEPITO 2 O


  11. lol @ pepito 2. Thank God u r safe.

  12. Welcome back! Pepito 2 looks really nice, I don't mind the color either. Thank God the steering lock didn't turn into an accident sha. Take care and all the best with the job.

  13. I'm glad that you're okay!!!

    Pepito 2 is nice!!

  14. Glad you are okay and thank God for life.
    Pepito 2 is cute.

  15. Haha genius name. Nice car too. What makes you think it would never get stolen? Just asking ;)

  16. Thank God you're safe. *Sprinkles holy water on pepito 2*

  17. Thank God you're okay. *sprinkles holy water on pepito 2*

  18. Sorry abt the accident.
    Ur new car looks good btw

  19. Whew, what a relief you're okay.

    Four hours commute everyday? Haha, that sounds like the life of the average Lagos working professional.

    I'm really digging the new pepito

  20. Thank you all for commenting again.

    @Free Truths, the colour is so damn bright no one will want the car but like you all said, Its not that bad, Im getting used to it



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