Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Town is on FIRE

As you are all probably aware, this city, amongst others has been victim to rioting and violence since last Thursday.

Mark Duggan was killed on Thursday by police officers. This was what sparked all the trouble. For those who don't know, UK police officers don't carry guns as standard. There is a specially trained force, called CO19 who are called out as at where needed. They don't ride in cards randomly looking for people to shoot. They have to be requested to arrive to a scene where they believe someone is carrying a gun.

Mark was stopped in a cab on the way somewhere by the CO19 officers. A scuffle started and he was fatally shot.

Now I don't know the ins and outs of what happened, what he did and why he was killed but there must have been a reason why he was stopped by CO19. What started out as a PEACEFUL protest on Sunday by his family and friends which has escalated disgustingly.

Absolutely NOTHING good comes out of  having a gun. I don't care why you have it, the fact that you own a weapon that is capable of causing such devastation is enough reason to be questioned and shot if resisting arrest or attempting to shoot at the police..

People are stealing, rioting, stabbing, all in the name of this man who most likely was carrying a gun.

I walked down my road today, through the high street and almost burst into tears at what I saw. There are a lot of small businesses completely gutted. Some have been burned. I spoke to one of the owners who said insurance wouldn't pay out because this is an act of terrorism. She said she didn't know where she was going to start from.

If the youth have a problem with the police, why attack innocent people? Why take their livelihood and their homes away?  Please take a moment out of your day to pray for those people that have to suffer as a result of the death of this man. Its so sad to think that in less than a year, the eyes of the world will be on us. The eyes on the world are on us now, just for all the wrong reasons. 

xxPretty Lashesxx