Sunday, 29 May 2011

Whats In My Bag Tag

The lovely NaijaMum tagged me in this meme.

First of all, let me preface this by saying that I am an incredibly organised person, my bag just doesn't reflect this. My bag is a little bit of a 'lucky dip'. I have been known to have everything from nail varnish remover to a tape measure in my bag, ''just in case''. This is my bag on a tidy apologies in advance for the poor quality pictures, I couldn't find my camera USB and Mr Lashes's Mac doesn't take memory cards so I had to use my phone...

 My bag is a LV Artsy, it was my 2010 Christmas present from Mr Lashes...I tend to carry this when I don't want to carry much, its one of my smaller bags. I know, SMALLER! my obsession with handbags and purses is quite disturbing but like most things I don't want to accept, I keep telling myself its nothing to worry about...I'm not usually keen on such obviously branded bags but I was really drawn to this one because of its shape and Mr Lashes indulged me.


Sunglasses: When I wear my contacts, I almost always wear these, not as a fashion statement but because I hate the feeling of direct sunlight in my eyes.

Camera: I am one of those people that takes random pictures, you never know when a memory can be made, I always want to be able to capture it. My sister is always teasing me about my 'photographer' camera but whatever...:-)

iPhone: I love my iPhone. it is SERIOUSLY the best phone in the world, I don't care what anyone says. I have also got a Blackberry, which I predominantly use for work and blackberry messenger.

Purse: It is a Miu Miu purse, I can't remember the name but I got it about a year ago. It has everything in it, my bank cards, my license, my NUS card, my oystercard. My life would literally come to a complete standstill if I lost this. I went for this because of the colour, red is my favourite and I can easily find it in my bag because it stands out so much

Perfume: I'm a 3 perfume kinda girl. This is Stella McCartney's Stella. I also wear Chanel's Chance and Blvgari's Omnia. I always carry one of them in my bag, you never know when you need to smell fresh.

Koran: I'm a Muslim. I always carry this mini Koran with me because I believe it protects me. I can not read a word of what's in there but hey, its the thought that counts!!!

 Keys (out of shot): I've got a big bunch  of keys, my house keys, Mr Lashes' keys, Car keys and a whole load of other ones. No word of lie, it must weigh about half a kilo.


Hair brush and two combs: There is NO excuse for looking like you just got into a fight with a lion. I carry these about, just in case.

Lip Balm and Hand Cream: I gats control that ashyness so this is always with me. I'm about the only person in the world that thinks Vaseline is evil. Its just fancy grease.

Mini Deodorant: Self Explanatory :-)

Umbrella and Hand Sanitiser (out of shot): Its always raining in London, the most horrible thing in the world is being caught out without one or worse still, having one that turns inside out every time the wind blows, I've found a good one and I watch it like a hawk.

I have come to the conclusion that people are NASTY. They sneeze and then hold on to railings  without wiping their hands, they don't wash their hands after using the toilet then shake hands..its just wrong and my mama didn't raise no fool so I'm not trying to catch some incurable disease. I go through this stuff like its water.

Nurofen and Glasses case: As I spend about 45 hours a week glued to a computer screen, I'm constantly getting headache's so I always carry painkillers with me. My glasses case houses my contact lens case for easy changing.

Mirror and Kleenex: I need a small mirror to check my lip gloss (see below). This is a really cute heart shaped one I got from Monsoon. I have found that I hardly ever use the Kleenex, I usually offer it to people, especially when they sneeze and feel the need to carry on like they haven't expelled thousands of germs.

Lip gloss: Don't judge. I have got 7 different kinds currently in my bag. I don't touch of my makeup during the day so I usually reapply this just so I don't look washed out.

Soft mints: I hate bad breath. I think its incredibly disrespectful to someone to impose your bad dental hygiene on them so I carry these around.

So! Does my bag show exactly how superficial I am???

I think I'm one of the last people to be tagged in this so I tag anyone who already hasn't been tagged.

xxPretty Lashesxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

A to Z of Me

Age: 23 years and 356 days (wink wink)
Bed Size: King
Chores you hate: Taking the bin out, that's Mr Lashes job.
Dogs:Helllllllll to the nawwwwwwwww!!!
Essential Start to your day: Prayer
Favourite Colour: Red
Gold or Silver: Silver, or white gold
Height: 5"4
Instruments I play: know how people have two left feet? I've got two left hands
Job Title: Accountant
Kids: Nope

Live: South  London
Mum's Name: Bola

Nickname: Mr Lashes calls me family and friends call me Abisco Special
One wish:  That God continues to bless me
Pet Peeve: Untidiness
Quote from a Movie:  'Everyday above ground is a good day' SCARFACE

Right or Left handed: Right handed but I was born left handed

Siblings: Three CRAZY sisters
Time you wake up:  7am
Underwear: La Senza is the reason why birds sing :-0
Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms.
What makes you run late: Lazy Mornings!
X-Rays you've had done: Jaw
Yummy food you make: My fried rice has been called legendary! 
Zoo Animals: Helllllllllll to the  Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Guess Who Just Passed Her driving Test????

I finally did it! 6 months it took me from start to finish! I finally have a license to drive manuals AND automatics!

If you see a girl with a silver Mini playing R.Kelly at full blast with a disgruntled looking man wearing shades in the passenger seat, toot your horn because its Pretty Lashes and Mr Lashes!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Stuff That Probably Shouldn't Piss Me Off But Does

  1. People who SAY 'thanking you'. WHY?? What's wrong with THANK YOU????
  2. Ppl who write all thr convs in shrt frm. If you've got enough energy to write shrt frm, YOU CAN WRITE SHORT FORM!!! English Language is dying every minute.
  3. Linked to number 2 is when people write 9ice instead if nice and 10q instead of thank you. SERIOUSLY???? and WHY do people write 'should of' instead of 'should have/should've'??
  4. People who feel the need to spit in public or sneeze in enclosed places. No one wants to see mucus and gunk. You need to SWALLOW that mess.
  5. At supermarket checkouts, the attendant rationing carrier bags like we are in a war. I understand that the planet needs to be saved and all that good stuff but DON'T give me two  bags to pack 50 items then get offended when I ask for more...The.Bag.Will.Break.Bitch
  6. People who yawn without closing their mouths, No one needs to see all that nastiness.
  7. Dogs that aren't on a leash. Hell ALL animals that aren't on a leash.
  8. When people clap when a plane lands...I don't see anyone clapping when I finalise accounts.
  9. Chelsea. With their smug richness and their multibillionaire owner.Bastards, the lot of them.
  10. Attention Seeking Facebookers. We don't need to know EVERY aspect of your lives. You are in a relationship. Then you are not. Then you put a link of a random heartbreak song.Then you are back in a relationship. Then you write a post along the lines of 'I should have known all men are bastards...' The you have the nerve to reply all the people asking what's wrong by saying 'Its PERSONAL, check your inbox'. If you want your life to be a soap opera, the least you can do is let people watch it. Not Cool, not cool at all. 
What are all your pet peeves?

xxPretty Lashesxx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Baby Got Back

I'm not even going to start making excuses for why I haven't been around in a while, I've been a crappy blogger, simple as.

Am I forgiven? No? Not even if I bat these Pretty Lashes? No? Well be like that then!!

I went for a baby shower yesterday. It was my work colleague's baby shower, she's expecting a boy on the 3rd of June (the day after my birthday, wink wink)...

Me and some of the other girls at work decided to throw it for her as she had never heard of it before (she is British-Cypriot).

A Nigerian friend of mine was due to have a baby shower last summer but it was cancelled last minute because her pastor didn't agree with celebrating the birth of a baby before it arrives; which makes sense.

Before the westernised world influence came to us in Nigeria, baby showers were unknown. We did (and still do) celebrate the baby's birth with the naming ceremony/7 days. The west haven't got that so is it pointless to adopt a tradition when we have got a richer and by far superior one ourselves?

At the same time, should we take it so seriously? Its just a fun day for the mom to be to receive advice, gifts and to have people to care about her and the baby round for food and drinks. Shouldn't we celebrate the fact that something amazingly beautiful and special is happening?

All in all, it was a fun day; we played games and I won one. It was a 'name as many songs as possible that have baby in the title'. I came up with seven. What I didin't know at the time was I had to sing each song, just so people know they are real songs. Guess the number one song Pretty Lashes had? 'Baby Got  Back' by Sir Mixalot. Yes. I rapped it. At a baby shower. With people, including over 60's there.

For people who don't know, this is a TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE song for ANY occasion. This is the video. Please put in on loud and close your eyes, imagining a quiet room with Pretty Lashes rapping her little heart away...People were literally rolloing on the floor at the end...I have to admit, so was I.

xxPretty Lashesxx