Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ok so I've been away for longer than I'd like to remember, I had to submit my dissertation and I barely had the time to breathe, much less blog.

The submission date was a mess and a half. I'm normally pretty organised with everything I do, this project was not the same for some funny reason. I ended up submitting 10 minutes to the deadline, with work I am not very proud of. This was because my computer crashed about 3 hours to the deadline and I lost about 3000 words.

3000 words. No joke; and I was already on the lower margin of the acceptable word count.

I must have laughed hysterically for a good 20 minutes before I started crying and boy did I cry. I cried so much my eyes were swollen for the following three days. Mr Lashes even shed a tear or two for me. :-)
Apparently I wasn't coherent at all during the three hours before submission. I'm not sure whether it was from brain freeze or lack of sleep seeing as I had slept a grand total of 8 hours in the preceding 9 days.

I managed to do a lot of cutting and pasting from here and there and previous drafts I had made. Its all in Gods hands now. Um If you don't hear me mention Masters by March, take it I've failed and will be quietly licking my wounds.

So I'm finally able to focus fully on my wedding and we've decided to go with a planner, Mr Lashes is worried about things not being coordinated on the day. I kinda get what he means, on one of my sisters wedding days, one of my other sisters got into a fight with the caterer. Good times.

I'm having 400 450 guests. That's all the hall can take so I'm only printing 200 invitations in the hope that the people I invite will be nice enough not to bring an entourage with them. Lets see how well that works. Call me a cheapskate but I just can't justify spending my hard earned cash ( well my dad and Mr Lashes' hard earned cash) on feeding people I don't know. I know weddings are all about sharing love and joy and things of a similar nature but that can be done without bringing your neighbours children with you to a wedding you're invited to.

The decoration business is killing me, it costs the same as the hall to decorate it. How does that even work? I honestly think I'm in the wrong profession. It probably doesn't help that I am an accountant, its in my blood to save costs. I just can't see how they can carry on making so much money from the same tired looking chair covers, sashes and centrepieces.

In other news, one of my friends is proposing to his fiancĂ©e tomorrow. He is so nervous its actually funny to watch. It reminds me of when Mr Lashes proposed. I swear if I didn't know the man better than I do myself, I would have thought he was losing his mind for the 30 seconds before I realised what he was trying to do. He actually discussed the weather with me, yes the weather. At Midnight. On New Years Eve.

I think I'm rambling now so I'll leave y'all. for now.

xxPretty Lashesxx