Monday, 21 March 2011

My Lovely People, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Hi Everyone!

So its Mr Lashes birthday on Saturday the 26th of March and I was thinking of cooking for him.

Now I can cook the rices and efo's and other somewhat basic foods of the world but I can't make banga soup. Mr Lashes is Urhobo and I thought it would be a nice surprise to make that for dinner on the Friday or the Sunday.

For the birthday, I was thinking of getting a hotel on the Saturday, (I was thinking outside London before but since the nice driving assessor man  decided to fail me, that's not happening). We could check in, go to Oxford Circus to get his present, come back, go out for dinner/maybe see a movie then go back to the hotel room. Have a lie in on the Sunday, go and get breakfast then check out and go home.

So what do you think about the hotel idea???

Anyone have a recipe for Banga Soup?

What else can I make for him?

Any Urhobo recipes that will remind him of home?? I know he'll appreciate anything with fish, seeing as I've only made him fish based foods twice in the past three years as I can't stomach the stuff.

Thanks in Advance :-)

xxPretty Lashesxx

Friday, 11 March 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

So I've got my very first blog award!!! This is amazing, seeing as I've only been doing it for a couple of months and my posts have been somewhat erratic but YAY ME!!!!

The lovely Miss KitKat tagged me.

All I've got to do is to is:
  • Link back to the blogger who gave me this award
  • Tell you seven facts about me you aren’t aware of
  • Pass the award to fifteen recently discovered blogs that I “really” like  
  • Notify the lucky chums of their awards


As you lovely people probably already know, this was my Second Post. I wasn't tagged then but I did it to introduce myself to you.

I'll do 7 more trivia facts about me though because I'm random like that :-)

  • I can't drink water after eating rice or bread, It will bring the food right back up.
  • As you know, I'm an accountant. What you don't know is that so is my dad. And my mom. and my older sister. and another of my older sisters. and her husband. Yes. we are all boring number crunchers.
  • My eyesight is HORRIBLE, I'm a minus 5.5.
  • I don't get spots. ever. 
  • I can put my legs behind my head :-)
  • I don't understand how people can watch fantasy movies. Harry Potter, Twighlight and similar books/movies is my idea of hell. As in, how can you get into something you KNOW isn't real???
  • I am starting to believe that Miss KitKat is my sister from another mister. We have so many things in common, with the cheese, the animals and the weddings. :-)

Friday, 4 March 2011

I FAILED my driving test

So I'm pissed off, and a little teary...I failed my driving test today. I really put so much effort into it...I even took this whole week off work just so that I could focus on it.

The sad thing is that my instructor said that as soon as he saw the assessor, he knew I was going to fail the test. Apparently, the guy is notorious for failing black people, especially the young ones. Not to be horrible or anything but he looked like an axe murderer. You know the kind of face that little kids see and scream? That's exactly what he looks like.

I digress.

You should have seen the route that this crazy man took me on. I even tried making conversation with him, homeboy out his hand up like  'my friend, why are you talking to me?', basically telling me to be quiet.

You should have seen the road he took me to turn into. He asked me to reverse on a HILL!!!

I saw that and thought. Ok I can so do this. Na so I started moving off and when I got to my reference, started slowing down when this crazy mo fo stopped me.

He didn't even give me a chance to finish it, as soon as  I started slowing down a bit, he told me to stop. Like how the f!?:-(**ing hell am I meant to reverse with speed???

I had soo much plans, I had even started calling some people on autotrader to buy my mini cooper (red, with black wheels, two black stripes in front and leather seats...just thought I'd add that in for you to visualise  :-) )

My instructor was saying on the way back that if I was in Naij, I woulda started driving a long time ago. I KNOW I can drive. Its just this stupid 45 minute assessment that's in the way of me and my mini.

 I tire for this country.

xxPretty Lashesxx