Monday, 21 March 2011

My Lovely People, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Hi Everyone!

So its Mr Lashes birthday on Saturday the 26th of March and I was thinking of cooking for him.

Now I can cook the rices and efo's and other somewhat basic foods of the world but I can't make banga soup. Mr Lashes is Urhobo and I thought it would be a nice surprise to make that for dinner on the Friday or the Sunday.

For the birthday, I was thinking of getting a hotel on the Saturday, (I was thinking outside London before but since the nice driving assessor man  decided to fail me, that's not happening). We could check in, go to Oxford Circus to get his present, come back, go out for dinner/maybe see a movie then go back to the hotel room. Have a lie in on the Sunday, go and get breakfast then check out and go home.

So what do you think about the hotel idea???

Anyone have a recipe for Banga Soup?

What else can I make for him?

Any Urhobo recipes that will remind him of home?? I know he'll appreciate anything with fish, seeing as I've only made him fish based foods twice in the past three years as I can't stomach the stuff.

Thanks in Advance :-)

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. "bANGA SOUP / OBE EYIN serves 4

    Palm-nut soup

    500g / l1b Assorted parts of meat
    225g / 8oz stockfish (pre-soaked)
    225g / 8oz bushmeat (washed)
    1kg / 2Ib oil-palm nuts
    225g / 8oz ground crayfish
    1pt stock or water
    225g / 8oz Okro (sliced)
    100g / 4oz ground pepper
    1 onion (sliced)
    salt to taste

    Place the washed meat in a large pot, add a drop of water or stock season with salt and ground pepper and boil for 30 minutes or until tender.

    Add the smoked fish and stockfish, cook for another 10 minutes. Prepare the oil-palm nut to extract the oil by boiling the washed nuts for 20 minutes until soft. Remove from water and pound to remove the oil. Pass through a sieve to separate the kernels from the chaff. Pour the strained pulp into the meat together with the sliced peppers onions' tomatoes puree and Okro. Sprinkle in the crayfish and cook for 15minutes until the soup is fairly reduced and thickened to coat the back of spoon. Check seasoning and serve with pounded yam (Iyan) or Usin/Egun obobo (starch & plantain pudding).

    Fresh fish crayfish and shrimps could be used instead of meat with a small amount of ground egusi (melon seeds) added instead of Okro. Freshly washed bitter leaf could also be added."
    the recipe is a copy and paste from online works great with little needed variation.
    the hotel idea sounds great!!! book a spa hour at the hotel.... that might take it up a little (in my opinion :d)
    awww....Mr Lahes is a lucky man to av u o.

  2. Thank you 9jaFoodie, I was really hoping you'll see this and reply...that sounds do-able!

    He really is, I tell him all the time :p

  3. Mr Lashes is my birthday mate......dont even knw what to do with myself that day, my husband is travelling on Wednesday
    You can make a nice grilled fish, urobo men love anything fish.

  4. Awww the hotel thingy sounds like a good idea...have fun and good luck:)

  5. 9ja foodie to the rescue!! i was going to suggest u ask her before seeing she had commented already.
    since u have the recipe, u cn do the banga soup for him..but the hotel plan sounds real good too!
    goodluck :)

  6. Happy Birthday in advance Kiki! ;) Mr Lashes is a fish kind of man...since I don't finish work till half five on fridy and its an easy hour and a half commute to his, I might just make this on Friday and make the banga soup next weekend when I can take my time with it.

    Thank you Miss KitKat and Iwalewa..will definitely update next week to let you all know how it went.:-*


  7. I knew 9ja foodie would be the best person to ask! The wonders of blogging

    Just a PS - Since you are in London, I wanted to tell you that you will not be able to get fresh palm nut.

    I use tinned palm nut 'juice' - and the best brand I have used is called TROFAI. You can find it in most African foodstores.

    Tell oga say I say ....'Migwo'

  8. Thanks Naijamum, just as well I'd not gone to the African shop yet, DEMANDING they give me palm nuts!! =))

    :)at 'Migwo'. That's about all I know how to say, I'm learning though, I'M LEARNING!!!

  9. 9ja foodie to the rescue...just do your best to make the day a beautiful one for Mr. Lashes.

  10. I hope the Mr. appreciates all your efforts...Happy Birthday to him, wish him many more... have fun!!!

    And send me some Banga soup o ;-)

  11. Hello nice blog just started following you. Thank you for becoming a follower of secretlilies, although late, wish mr lashes a happy birthday... I love your name " pretty lashes.

  12. I think the hotel idea is great! Change of scenery is always goo. And listen to 9jafoodie :D


  13. i see you got the recipe. hope it came out well?


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