Friday, 4 March 2011

I FAILED my driving test

So I'm pissed off, and a little teary...I failed my driving test today. I really put so much effort into it...I even took this whole week off work just so that I could focus on it.

The sad thing is that my instructor said that as soon as he saw the assessor, he knew I was going to fail the test. Apparently, the guy is notorious for failing black people, especially the young ones. Not to be horrible or anything but he looked like an axe murderer. You know the kind of face that little kids see and scream? That's exactly what he looks like.

I digress.

You should have seen the route that this crazy man took me on. I even tried making conversation with him, homeboy out his hand up like  'my friend, why are you talking to me?', basically telling me to be quiet.

You should have seen the road he took me to turn into. He asked me to reverse on a HILL!!!

I saw that and thought. Ok I can so do this. Na so I started moving off and when I got to my reference, started slowing down when this crazy mo fo stopped me.

He didn't even give me a chance to finish it, as soon as  I started slowing down a bit, he told me to stop. Like how the f!?:-(**ing hell am I meant to reverse with speed???

I had soo much plans, I had even started calling some people on autotrader to buy my mini cooper (red, with black wheels, two black stripes in front and leather seats...just thought I'd add that in for you to visualise  :-) )

My instructor was saying on the way back that if I was in Naij, I woulda started driving a long time ago. I KNOW I can drive. Its just this stupid 45 minute assessment that's in the way of me and my mini.

 I tire for this country.

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. Sorry boo, it can be quiet frustrating. I did my road test 3x. I was so pissed after the 2nd time, I actually cried. you will be fine, do it again as soon as u can.

  2. Don't be too miffed. I failed my first test and then got the next one. Like you I also think the testers are subjective. Hope you get a better one next time so you can get your mini, lol...

  3. aww poor baby :(
    sowi dear, dnt mind that racist tester. better luck nxt time :)

  4. Chei...i have used my mouth to get a learner's permit all these years...thank God for subways and buses. Over the winter, the boyfriend tried teaching me with his gear-stick type car...for where?, 2mins later, I was sweating like a xmas goat. My last speech to him in that context "Swits, just go and make enough money to afford me a driver, I cannot come and kill myself on top this driving matter o" and I slide back to my position, by his side, while he had to go around the car to get into his seat with the other road users looking at him in fury for holding up traffic....
    For now, I refuse to be bothered..:D
    Dont worry, try again. Some day soon, they'll give you...:)

  5. Awww...sorry hun! I failed my first time also..better luck on ur next test!

  6. sorry miss!! i dont know shit about driving so all i can say is try again

  7. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that. Try your test again and don't tell anybody about it so that way there's a little less pressure on you. God will punish that stupid instructor. Hope you get a better one next time. Good luck!

  8. just tagged you in an award :)
    come to my blog to claim it..xx

  9. pele o! very painful! lol i havent even reach the practical test stage yet but.. i know how you feel. pele do it again soon and dont be like my cousin! x


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