Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day, Pity Party and other random randoms

So its mother's day here in the UK, I want to use this opportunity to wish every mother, grandmother and mother to be a fab day.

I'm the youngest kid and as my dad never ceases to tell me, a 'happy mistake'. My mom thought she was done with having kids, she was 33 when I was born, which is relatively young these days but bear in mind she was 19 when she had my oldest sister.

To this day, my mom has never told me no. I understand people may translate that into me being a spoiled brat but I'm a well behaved brat :-)...My dad wasn't really around when I was growing up and neither were my sisters (my mom had to travel alot for work, I was young enough to follow her around) so it was just both of us for long periods of time.

My mom and I are scarily similar, this is good and bad in equal measures as the things we dislike about ourselves are evident to see in the other person.This causes laughter and conflict in equal measures.

Its days like today I appreciate her so much, so many people don't have their moms with them any more, others don't have the kind of relationship I have with her and I'm aware I take her for granted sometimes because I know she loves me unconditionally. I love you mom, Happy Mothers Day.

Mr Lashes' birthday was alright, thank you all for all your kind words/suggestions. We did NOTHING I planned. I made the mistake of telling Mr Lashes about the hotel before I'd booked it and he said he'd rather I booked a hotel for two nights in the summer outside London. He then mumbled something about how I'm meant to be the accountant in the relationship. I tire.

We just ended up going to Selfridges to buy him a present and then out for dinner. I REALLY want to know if I'm the only girl in the world who has a partner that enjoys shopping more than I do.

Mr Lashes runs around like a headless chicken while I just sit with a book. Maybe its because I'm not a size 8 that I feel the nice clothes are wasted on me. Meh

I know these paragraphs are kind of haphazardly put together but please forgive me. I'm rambling because I feel funny.

Please join my pity party.

Do you ever have days where you just feel like nothing is going right? Everything that has been said to me today, I seem to take the wrong way....I just want today to finish so that I can start all over in the morning.

I wish my relationship with God was better.

I wish I had more willpower.

I wish I was a size 10 again, I hate being a size 14.

I wish Mr Lashes plays his bloody Playstation less

I wish I never bought Mr Lashes said Playstation.

I wish I could get married tomorrow.

I wish I could look as put together as all these other Naija girls in my age group. HOW do they manage to look so glam??

I wish I didn't have to study anymore.

I wish I added a pinch of salt to the pastry of the meatpies I made this afternoon.

I want a baby. NOW

I wish I could drive my mini that's parked outside Mr Lashes' front door, I can't wait to pass my driving test.

I wish Mr Lashes wouldn't shout careful CAREFUL, I SAID BE CAREFUL every time I practise my driving.

I wish I got paid the market rate for my qualifications, I'll be laughing all the way to my wedding.

I wish I could stop having days like these.

I'll stop now.

 Happy Sunday Lovely People.

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. Awww dearie, snap out of it. Here, have a big hug, hmmmmm. Now go hug Mr Pretty Lashes and give him a smile. Have you called your mum? Take care now, and I do hope you feel better soon.

  2. aww sowi :/ i know this is meant to be a sad post but u'r still so cute and funny :p
    everyone has messed up days, jst kow u'll feel better soon :)
    i wish i cld hv a guy that loves shopping, we cld shop all day together! lol
    sister from another mum :p

  3. awww nne feel u on a few of these things but taking it one day at a time helps a lot o (atleast for me). About the playstation, try playing it with him :).....ull be surprised. I recommend any "fight fight" game or pro evolution soccer (I can bet he has that one lol)

  4. Aww, thanks for your kind words guys, I really don't want you to think I'm clamouring for the attention, I just get days like this when nothing seems to cheer me up ..I'm sure I'll be right as rain 2moro.

    @Myne, Mr Lashes gives me cuddles and kisses when I get this way, I just need to stew and get out of my own funk sometimes...

    Thanks for your kind words Olori, I've got my own controller o, he has even bought me the car racing games, he just seems to always want to play his Call of Duty (I don't understand why I moan, I was even the one that pre ordered the game for him, that's his be you buy am for me?? :)) )

    @ KitKat, Lol, I see it too o, especially the post about Mr Lashes driving from the passenger's seat =))...I swear its that man that makes me look like a bad driver, I can drive!!!

  5. To Rekindle Love, buy hubby a playstation lol. It's okay babe. And happy mothers day - they are something special


  6. LOL @'He then mumbled something about how I'm meant to be the accountant in the relationship'
    That cracked me up

    I guess you're having 'one of those days' I cant say anything magical to help you get over it..except you're loved...

    Have you thought about get a second Playstation controller and playing with Mr?

    Regarding having a baby NOW..? Believe me, you dont.......One step at a time *smile*

  7. It is well with you, we all have days like that. pele

  8. Pele! Happens to the best of us. Hope you get out of your funk soon

    Couldn't help but notice "MY mini" you got a car before you learned to drive?

  9. eya..hope u are in a better mood and belated happy mother's day to our mamas..they are the best!!

  10. Though this is quite late,but days like this come but i wish you better days though.

  11. Thanks Guys,

    I feel much better today, I apologise again for the post, I wasn't trying to seek attention, I was just having one of those days.

    @ Anon, yes I have a mini, we bought it just after I failed my driving test because it was a good deal and I'm at test standard, I'm just waiting for a cancellation to do my test.

    Thanks NiajaMum, NikkiSho, A-9ja and 9jaFoodie

  12. OMG, You have definitely killed me with laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Feel free to see mine at

    I also feel that way, i must confess. Your Mr Lashes and my partner are almost alike except mine is more money conscious. I will definitely see this blog more often as i came through Myne Whitman's own. Have a good day.

  13. AWwwww.... I somewhere around that ble region now too....
    I hope things look up...:)
    Stay strong hon

  14. You are woman and you are strong! You are like Ginger of Her mum had her when she was 47! (Check out her latest post). Mr Lashes loves shopping? That's good nowww. Getting Strategic Dude to come shopping with me is a herculean task!

  15. Haha I tease my baby sister a lot about being a 'mistake' but the fact is that we're all a bit jealous cos she's the favourite! And to be honest we couldn't imagine life without her now!

    You need to stop apologising for your post, whatever the reason for posting it! Seems like you needed some sort of pick-me-up so...

    About your wish list, change the things you can, don't worry about the ones you can't. :)

  16. Marriage will come darling and you'll come back and post about it... *wink*

    On Mr. Lashes' shopping... hmmmm pls accept that position of accountant as you would be needing the skills if you both end up on the aisle.. wish you all the best darl!

  17. Madam,come out of your hiding place and update joo...Hope you are alright hon?


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