Monday, 14 February 2011

Mini Rant and Frenemy update

OK so I'm sat here on the bed scared as hell and so frustrated.

One other random thing about me is that I have an irrational fear of all animals. (I'll probably do another random things about me post in a few months, as you guys have alredy prbably noticed, i'm VERY random).

This fear ranges from seeing a dog and crossing the road 'just in case' (I have been known to sense them from far away), to REFUSING to have goldfish because 'I'll have to feed them and change the water'.

Anyways, back to my rant...I took the day off from work to take a break before the wahala of school starts again and seeing as its valentine's day, I thought I'll make my fiance (let's call him Mr Lashes) some nice Naija food for when he gets back from work.

There I was after breakfast on the internet, looking for  valentine's day gift ideas for him to buy me (we're unromantic like that :-) ) when my super SUPER vision spotted a mouse out of the corner of my eye. IN THE KITCHEN!!!

Now I hear you guys saying, 'it can't bite you', 'it's no big deal', 'take it easy', but before you could say 'pretty lashes' I had flown out of the living room and landed on the bed in the bedroom...I swear I did it in less than 5 footsteps!!

Mr Lashes could hear me screaming and thinking I broke a leg or something equally as serious, he ran to ask me if I was ok....Turns out my idea and his idea of OK are totally different....Mr Lashes actually LAUGHED at me!!!!

I asked him very nicely to go and get rid of it for me and he told me that he's be late for work if he did, Mr Lashes basically told me to suck it up till the evening when he'll sort it out.

Mr Lashes lives in a new build, the flat is 6 years old at the most, the problem is that there are a few points of entry for mice. we're blocking them as we are find them, we just can't seem to stop finding them.  We are both obsessively clean so its all the more frustrating for us. He even goes as far as to blame me because they can 'sense' when I am around...all the tantilizing smells of food draws them out....not sure if I should be pleased or offended when he says that...

Anyways the point of my rant is that how am I meant to make magic happen in the kitchen when I can't even go in there??? I KNOW the mice will kill me and eat little chunks of my body the second I step in there (see what I said about irrational???)  I tire :-(

I actually have another funny mice story involving me, Mr lashes, the toilet and some oven chips...Please let me know if you want me to share, this post is long enough as it is

Ok so to the other part of this one and only frenemy called me last week...'I heard you're engaged, why didn't you tell me? 'Are you pregnant, is that why he asked you to marry him?' 'I can't believe this common rat (yes o, she has relegated me to rat status) is getting married, I started going out with my boyfriend at the same time, why are YOU engaged?'

She said all this in a joking manner to me but me, you guys and Jesus know that she meant every single word of it....I made me excuses and got off the phone ASAP...

Happy Valentine's day y'all, hope you're having a better day than me so far....

Remember val's day is just not about boy and girl (or girl and girl if you're ..ahem.. that way inclined), it's about for yourself, your neighbor, your family, for your friends and most importantly, for God..

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. Aww sorry about the mice! I hate mice also, and if I was you I woulda ran too!!!

    That your frenemy is a liar...she's a hata! Stay away from ppl like that! urg!


  2. i also have a fear of animals.. from ants to monkeys.. all of 'em!..i dnt think our fear is irrational,lol..these animals are scary!!
    i hate when ppl are like "the poor thing is probably even more scared of u than u'r scared of it"lol.. like really? did it tell u that?lool
    happy valentine's day.. cute blog u got here :)
    and dnt mind jealousy jealousy people :p

  3. Happy Valentine day...
    I totally understand your reaction to the mouse...Avoid the kitchen and go out for dinner!

  4. Thanks Blessing, I think about her and laugh sometimes, How could I have possibly thought she was a friend? I just thank God for opening my eyes.

    Kit Kat, thanks for following :-* , I can tell we're going to get along just fine, bonding over our mutual fear of animals ;)


    I decided to overcome my fear, seeing as I'd promised him some food. I kept on running in and out of the kitchen every time I heard a funny noise =)), thank God I didn't burn anything.

    Thank you all for commenting and hope you all had a fab day!

  5. lol @ the mouse incident... mehn in high school, we used to name the rats as we had no choice but to live with them, but these days... i scream! lol

    As for frenemy... mehnnnnnn bitterness dey kill! x

  6. Did your friend/nemy actually say that! Oh men! Run o, faster than from the mice sef, LOL...

  7. Absolutely random! If not, the mice wouldn't kill you and eats chunks of you!

  8. lol...the only thing i hate like that are cockroaches...i nearly fell down from a story building because..get this *a cockroach was chasing me*
    abt ur frenemy RUN....FAST!!!! had one of those and they dont end well.

  9. Yes O Myne, thank God for common sense re my frenemy..'s a shame the common sense doesn't extend to my fear of mice Emeka!!

    LMAO @ Kiky, the cockroach chasing you!!!

    @ AngelsBeauty, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING YOUR EXAMS!!!!! :D I can't imagine naming them...I can guarantee that if i had, it will all have been swear words!!!

  10. Please delete that friend of yours from your life...bad belle of the highest order.

    1st time here, welcome to blogville

  11. LMAO at the rat story! I don't blame you oh- i'd have been outta there myself.

    Wow with your friend there. Those are the kind of people who's numbers you delete. People say a lot of things they mean with joke. Not cool


  12. Thank you so much Lara, I'm liking it so far!!

    Yes o Adiya, I don't have anything to say to her any more, she still texts/calls randomly..I guess it must hurt for her not to have a lackey any more


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