Saturday, 22 January 2011

7 Random Things About Me

  1. I was born left handed but because of an incident *Ahem* with some boiling water, my left hand was burnt to a crisp. I now use my right hand to write...I'm still amazingly able to use my left hand for just about everything else :-)
  2. Because of said incident above, I have to wear my engagement ring on my right hand.
  3. I cry EVERY SINGLE DAY...not about the same things, I always find something to cry about on a daily basis.
  4. I've got three sisters and no brothers.
  5. I won the a baby beauty pageant when I was 9 months old and another at two years old.
  6. I have never eaten Pizza, the thought of eating cheese makes me feel physically sick, same with anything from the Sea.
  7. I couldn't speak English till I was three years old; all I could communicate in was French :-)...My current knowledge of French is limited to conversational French.
xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. Tanx for revealing more about you:
    Re No 1: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!! However, one good thing is that you're now ambidextrous
    Re No 3: 'I cry EVERY SINGLE DAY???? I really wonder what you'll be like at the movies :)
    Re No 4: I've got 2 sisters and 3 step-sisters. No brothers. The catfights are legendary!
    Re No 5: Baby paegant....awwwww! Hope you still have the pics?
    Re No 6: Pizza is fab. I hated cheese till I had kids. Now, I can just about tolerate a cheese sandwich
    Re No 7: Wow. How come you could speak French?

  2. My crying 'ability' is a joking point in the family...we all thought it will settle down as I got older but no luck so far!!

    I thought having three sisters was bad, you're on a whole new level!!!=))

    I know when I eventually have kids, I'm going to have to teach them how to eat all sorts, I only got better when I met my fiance, I didn't eat meat until then! Slowly but surely we'll get there :D still not too sure about the cheese or seafood!!

    I could speak French because I was born in Congo, my mom had to go there for work and we didn't go back to Naij until I was three, my sisters still tease me about how frustrated I used to get when they didn't understand what I was saying to them =))
    Unfortunately, I lost it when we moved back to Nigeria..

  3. E-y-aaa...sorry about the incident...can imagine the pain!...*sigh!*....cry everyday?... why?! won a beauty pageant at 9months & 2years are beautiful from your pic...doon't like pizza also...a pleasure knowing you.

  4. Cheese is the best thing I discovered a few years ago! I love it, when you eventually try it, let me know if you like it lol.

    Yay you are engaged congrats!

    No 1. :( sounds painful

    Apparently I used to be good at french as well, but I can barely make a sentence now...

    interesting. x

  5. It's good to get to know you. Can't believe you don't eat pizza, though. It's my favorite fast food. Keep sharing. Love your blog:)

  6. whoa, you need to stop crying asap, what's up with that?! wow, maybe you should talk to a doctor, it could be hormonal imbalances.

  7. Ouch!!! sorry about the hand.

    Cry everyday? what's up with that? lol!!



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