Monday, 16 May 2011

Stuff That Probably Shouldn't Piss Me Off But Does

  1. People who SAY 'thanking you'. WHY?? What's wrong with THANK YOU????
  2. Ppl who write all thr convs in shrt frm. If you've got enough energy to write shrt frm, YOU CAN WRITE SHORT FORM!!! English Language is dying every minute.
  3. Linked to number 2 is when people write 9ice instead if nice and 10q instead of thank you. SERIOUSLY???? and WHY do people write 'should of' instead of 'should have/should've'??
  4. People who feel the need to spit in public or sneeze in enclosed places. No one wants to see mucus and gunk. You need to SWALLOW that mess.
  5. At supermarket checkouts, the attendant rationing carrier bags like we are in a war. I understand that the planet needs to be saved and all that good stuff but DON'T give me two  bags to pack 50 items then get offended when I ask for more...The.Bag.Will.Break.Bitch
  6. People who yawn without closing their mouths, No one needs to see all that nastiness.
  7. Dogs that aren't on a leash. Hell ALL animals that aren't on a leash.
  8. When people clap when a plane lands...I don't see anyone clapping when I finalise accounts.
  9. Chelsea. With their smug richness and their multibillionaire owner.Bastards, the lot of them.
  10. Attention Seeking Facebookers. We don't need to know EVERY aspect of your lives. You are in a relationship. Then you are not. Then you put a link of a random heartbreak song.Then you are back in a relationship. Then you write a post along the lines of 'I should have known all men are bastards...' The you have the nerve to reply all the people asking what's wrong by saying 'Its PERSONAL, check your inbox'. If you want your life to be a soap opera, the least you can do is let people watch it. Not Cool, not cool at all. 
What are all your pet peeves?

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. =)) hahahhahaha. LMAO@ "I don't see anyone clapping when I finalize accounts." HAHAH... I guess because people don't see a direct correlation between you finalizing accounts and their survivor... they are small thinkers. lol

    Feeling you in point Number 10!!! cheiii.. people are overexposed these says, there is something divine about a little mystery, not everyone needs to know your every business.

  2. 'nos'2, 5 & 10 makes me want to pull my hair. i get so annoyed when people do them. meanwhile hope you get the 'nos' joke lol

  3. LOL...loved this especially numbers 5 9 and 10!!

  4. LOL@ 9jaFoodie, Small Thinkers indeed!!!

    Kiky and Tola, ;)

  5. O my goodness, have we met. I hate the spitting...I hate it. The facebook narcissistic-ness (lol) is so annoying.

  6. OMG!! hahaha you're really pissed hey! i also hate when people clap after a plane lands. Its jst cheesy to me. I knoww, i get it! we are xcited we di'nt crash but why do we have to clap??lol. I also hate when ppl clap after a movie ends (when we're at the movies). It's so weird and awkward to me lol.

  7. Honestly, 4 and 6 are just disgusting. And i blame twitter for 2 and 3. English is so dying!


  8. ALL of these pisses me off!!!! lmao at 8 and 9

  9. Hahahahaha. Love it!

    I think a little bit of short hand writing is fine, but when people overdo it it's just plain annoying.

    As for number 9? looolllll. Hilarious

  10. im with u on 7 till death do us part o. dats how i had to take a longer route yesterday because one woman wont put her dog on leash.....rubbish nd nonsense....givin me by force workout.

  11. 1, 7 and on! The most annoying short form word flying around now is 'HBD'...Happy Birthday...When did 'Happy Birthday' become too long a word??? I mean, its ok to use short form but some are just not necessary like 'HBD'

  12. lmaooo! these are all valid! apart from the chelsea part..I love Made in Chelsea n extra lol at no 10..I have a funny note to facebook about this matter on my recent post

  13. Funny but true list!!
    I'm feeling #2,3,4 especially. I wouldn't acknowledge a HBD on my facebook wall. what nonsense. sounds like a disease abbreviation. HIV/HBD.

    As for #8 I didnt know people now do that. I trust its Nigerians? I no fit laugh.


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