Sunday, 8 May 2011

Baby Got Back

I'm not even going to start making excuses for why I haven't been around in a while, I've been a crappy blogger, simple as.

Am I forgiven? No? Not even if I bat these Pretty Lashes? No? Well be like that then!!

I went for a baby shower yesterday. It was my work colleague's baby shower, she's expecting a boy on the 3rd of June (the day after my birthday, wink wink)...

Me and some of the other girls at work decided to throw it for her as she had never heard of it before (she is British-Cypriot).

A Nigerian friend of mine was due to have a baby shower last summer but it was cancelled last minute because her pastor didn't agree with celebrating the birth of a baby before it arrives; which makes sense.

Before the westernised world influence came to us in Nigeria, baby showers were unknown. We did (and still do) celebrate the baby's birth with the naming ceremony/7 days. The west haven't got that so is it pointless to adopt a tradition when we have got a richer and by far superior one ourselves?

At the same time, should we take it so seriously? Its just a fun day for the mom to be to receive advice, gifts and to have people to care about her and the baby round for food and drinks. Shouldn't we celebrate the fact that something amazingly beautiful and special is happening?

All in all, it was a fun day; we played games and I won one. It was a 'name as many songs as possible that have baby in the title'. I came up with seven. What I didin't know at the time was I had to sing each song, just so people know they are real songs. Guess the number one song Pretty Lashes had? 'Baby Got  Back' by Sir Mixalot. Yes. I rapped it. At a baby shower. With people, including over 60's there.

For people who don't know, this is a TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE song for ANY occasion. This is the video. Please put in on loud and close your eyes, imagining a quiet room with Pretty Lashes rapping her little heart away...People were literally rolloing on the floor at the end...I have to admit, so was I.

xxPretty Lashesxx


  1. hmm...I'm Nigerian also and I think baby showers are cool and are way more about the mother than the baby. It's like saying don't have a bridal shower until after the wedding?? I'm also a bit rebellious and planning on skipping the naming ceremony when my time comes.

  2. Yes you're forgiven!:D

    LMBO at you singing baby got back at a shower!!! wooowwww lol!

  3. OHMYGAWD!!!! =))
    Cant stop laughing.

  4. LOL
    This was tooo funny
    I can just imagine all the elderly folks listening to the lyrics!

  5. Welcome back and yes,you're forgiven.Meanwhile it would've been a great thing to adopt,Baby shower,but Nigeria has lots of spiritual issues and people hate here very easily,so i think it's just best we stick to out naming ceremony jeje!

  6. welcome back and i am also guilty of not blogging so i understand u. anyways in naija people are very careful about child issues.. but i don't think its bad having a baby shower.

  7. makes sense. i never saw it that way..

  8. I discovered that video about a month ago on youtube and couldn't believe my eyes, lol. Funniest video and song.

  9. Buahahaha. So funny

    I agree with you about the baby showers, its just a fun thing really and like Tola said its more about the Mum to be than a Namimg Ceremony which is all about the baby. Its a great way for a woman to be spoiled by her family and friends before she goes through the drama of childbirth : )

  10. OMG i cnt believe u rapped this song!! hahahahaha i would have died laughing and personally carried you away if i were there lol.

  11. Welcome back! :)

    Lol at the singing. You try! I think baby showers are just an excuse to get free stuff lol


  12. You rapped WHAT??? lollsssssssssssssss

    Sounds like you guys had a good time. Na wa o, why cant we celebrate the pre- and post-arrival of a baby? I am tired of all this deeper meaning and interpretation to simple things.

  13. About baby showers in Nigeria - that's just silly (no offence)
    I think some people hide their fear behind spiritual reasons, but then again, i guess only people who don't trust the Lord should be afraid.
    Honestly, what's wrong with celebrating a pregnancy and supporting the mother before the birth.
    These days bridal showers have replaced the debauchery of hen nights, some start with prayer and end with prayer, when people share advice it's like mini sermons - God is there, so what's the problem, surely as a Christian she could have had a spirit filled baby shower - no?


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